Adidas Boxing Gloves Review

Football. Rugby. Cricket. Running. Karate. If cockfighting was legal, red corner would have an Adidas logo stamped to his ass while blue corner would probably have a Nike logo. Adidas is everywhere!

The same applies for boxing. If you walk in any boxing gym in Ireland, UK or pretty much most of Europe, you will find Adidas boxing gear. Including my won gym! This is mostly due to the fact that most of their gear is approved by AIBA, WKF, IKF, the Judo Federation, etc. This means that most of the amateurs competing in boxing, for example, would end up in a Adidas AIBA head guards and AIBA boxing gloves and while we’re at it, Adidas boxing vests, shorts and probably Adidas boxing boots.

After years of using this gear, they get used to it so their second pair of gloves would probably be Adidas, and second pair, and so on. They would switch to a ‘pro’ Adidas glove or a lace up version.

Since early 2018, a lot of professional boxers are seen using Adidas boxing gloves in their fights. As far as I’m aware, only a handful are paid or have a deal in place to use the gloves. All others get them because they like the gloves, some to match their kit, some like the price as they are cheaper than a lot of fight gloves, and some are stuck using the gloves on the night for various reasons.

Almost all of their gloves are made in Pakistan. The only exception is their new range of fight gloves which are hand made in the US.

Their gloves are similar to most of the gloves on the market. Same padding. Same mold. Same leather. Same sizes. The only thing that changes is the logo, design and price. Although, Adidas would be more expensive. Adidas is so big, the stock leaves the factory and goes to the main distributor who then sells it to the local distributor in your country who then sells it to your local store who then sells the gloves to you. Everybody’s gotta eat! Unfortunately, that is why the gear is more expensive.

Personally, I wouldn’t use any of the Adidas gloves. My hands are destroyed after all these years and I can only use a small amount of gloves available on the market. My knuckles are gone on both hands, left wrist and fingers on both hands.

I find it hard to punch with the Adidas gloves due to the way the mold is made. Most of them are made in the same style as the AIBA gloves. The long shape, with most of the padding at the end of the glove, makes it hard for me to make a proper fist and punch with my knuckles.

I’m not 100% sure, but I think the AIBA gloves are made in such a way that you can’t make a proper fist so you can’t knock out your opponent. In amateur boxing you are supposed to show your skills rather than knock everyone out in the first round. Hence all the Unanimous and Split Decisions in competitions. Again, the head of the AIBA hasn’t confirmed this to me, it’s just my own opinion from what I’ve seen over the years.

Anyway, the budget gloves are very stiff and it hurts my knuckles if I try to punch in them. I’m gonna assume it’s due to the cheap plastic (PU) that they are made off. The ‘pro’ range which is made out of leather hasn’t got enough padding for my hands.

I got my hands on two versions of their lace up gloves. Not a bad, I will talk about them later on. The third style is the US made fight gloves. I haven’t got the chance to try them. When I do I’ll update this post. From what I’ve heard, they are supposed to be great…

RDX, Titleboxing, Ringside, Exigo, I can go on and on, they are more or less the same gloves. Adidas is well designed in terms of colours and graphics, but quality wise not so much when it comes to the professionals. Most of the gloves are made for the fitness and boxercise market. The guys that buy the gear in January, attend 10 classes and then throw the gloves in a bag and never take them out again or they have them on eBay for sale. The guys who stick to it after the 10 classes and become serious would probably end up buying a new set of gloves from a different brand OR stick to Adidas but go for a ‘pro’ glove.

Adidas Boxing Gloves Review

From left to right (name, colour, size, price, for the above. Each style of glove comes in various colours and sizes. Search Amazon if interested.):

From their website “100% PU, Inside lining, 7.5cm wide elasticated wrap around strap, Black stitching, Moulded foam padding”

Too stiff. Not enough padding. Feel like plastic. For someone starting off and looking for something really cheap but planning on quitting after a few classes. Not a bad glove for kids though. Amazon has a black and gold version:

From their website “Shiny PU maya material, Preshaped IMF moulded foam, Comfortable inner lining, Padded wrist support, Rigid velcro wrist tightening, Unique concept design with 2 different coloured gloves, Climacool feature across the palm”

A shinier version of the Speed 50. Good for boxercise or fitness class, not recommended for boxers. From what I’ve seen they peel after a few weeks. Cheap PU.

As always, Amazon undercuts everyone and gives you a cheaper version:

From their website “PU nubuck, Velcro strap closing, Injected with moulded foam padding, I-Protech+ technology”

VERY stiff. My hand doesn’t sit right inside the glove. Not enough padding on knuckles. If you’re doing a kickboxing/boxing fitness class, they would be fine. No heavy bag work. From what I can see on Amazon, they have a newer model than what I have, I can’t see them being any better.

From their website “Shiny, strong PU maya outside material, Pre-shaped moulded IMF Foam, Elasticated velcro wrist strap, Embossed adidas strap”

Emmm better looking but not better quality that the Speed 50. Very shiny, plastic feel. After a few classes they would peel as the rest of the PU gloves. Still stiff around the wrist and palm. There’s also a mat version of the gloves.

From their website “Leather, palm and thumb in nubuck, Mesh finger area plus full moisture wicking palm inside, 8cm wide PU/velcro elastic wrap around strap closing, IMF foam with integrated gel”

I’m pretty sure it’s the same glove as the Speed 50 but made with leather. The Performer gloves feel heavier (16oz) but in terms of the actual size, they look the same. Even the elastic velcro looks the same. With that being said, out of all the gloves in the photo, if I was to pick one to buy, it would be the Performer. The leather makes the difference, but again, it’s the same mold/fit. I would recommend it to someone who is planning on doing boxercise longer than a month or two. They would last longer but not for any serious boxer.

If you walk in a store and ask what’s their cheapest glove, then any of the above would be fine as you clearly don’t wanna spend any money on gloves or you’re not planning on sticking to the classes after a few weeks.

Regarding the gloves above; IMF, Hi Tech, bla, bla, bla, still plastic, still cheap.

Here is what they look like after they get used for a few weeks:

Next up the Hybrid range.

Adidas Boxing Gloves Review

From their website “100% PU, Full climacool moisture wicking palm, Inside lining, 7.5cm rigid elastic velcro wrap around strap, Moulded foam padding”.

Might as well buy a set of Speed 50. Shiny plastic crap. Looks like plastic. Feels like plastic. Other than boxercise classes, not much use.

From their website “PU, Two-tone large rigid velcro and elastic strap, Foam padding”.

A less shiny version of the Hybrid 75. Again not much use outside of boxercise.

Amazon has a range of colours:

From their website “Leather, Taffeta lining, Large rigid velcro strap, Horse hair hand moulded multi layered foam padding”

This is where it changes. The actual mold is not the same as in any of the gloves mentioned above. The gloves are more square. The wrist is heavier and they are leather. It’s not a bad glove for a beginner. Personally it doesn’t have enough padding around the knuckles. I see a lot of amateur boxers using the gloves for training. They seem to get good use out of them. I prefer the Hybrid 200 in the Lace Up version but will talk about it later.

As you can see below, Amazon has a huge range of colours:

From their website “Genuine cowhide leather, Satin like lining for extra comfort, Large rigid velcro strap and elastic strap that can be secured solidly to provide extra support, Horse hair hand moulded multi layered foam padding”.

It’s the longer version of the Hybrid 200. The wrist support is much better than all the Hybrid gloves and they look good.

As usual, the padding is very light around the knuckles. The other issue I’m having is my fingers go to the end of the glove. It feels like it’s a bit short and my fingers get crammed, it almost feels like my nails will cut the end of the glove. I don’t know if I’m the only one who gets this. I see a lot of boxers using the gloves… Their fingers are shorter? They don’t know any better and think that’s how the glove should sit? My hands are too big? When I find out I’ll update this post.

If your hands are not damaged and you can fit your hand in them comfortably, definitely should think about getting a set.

Here is the Black and White version on Amazon.

Adidas Lace Up Gloves.

Adidas Boxing Gloves Review

From their website “High quality genuine leather, Hand moulded multi layered foam padding + horse hair, 7.5cm rigid round cuff, Lace tightening, Inside lining”.

As mentioned earlier, the Hybrid 200 also comes in a lace up version. The 8oz and 10oz can be used for fights while the heavier gloves can be used for sparring/training. Personally I would only spar in these if I hated my sparring partner as they are very compact. A 16oz set looks like a 12oz. The padding is better around the knuckles compared to everything else I reviewed above, and the lace secures the gloves around the wrist pretty well.

I haven’t seen many of these in gyms. Pretty sure no one in my own gym has a set of these. I’m assuming the price has something to do with it. Get a set of Hybrid 200 Lace Up or spend a few more quid and get a set of Rival RS1 gloves. At the same time, I don’t think someone serious about their training would take a chance on a set of Adidas gloves.

If you don’t care about your partner, go for them. It’s a decent glove. They would also work for pad-work and light bag-work.

From their website “Leather glove, White lace closing contrast stitching, WBC approved, Palm lined with soft polyester fabric”.

The 8oz and 10oz are WBC approved and I’m guessing that’s the reason they are 145 quid. You can get the same gloves in blue or red for €119.99 and probably cheaper on sale. Like the Hybrid 200, these are made of soft leather. They feel good but not great.

I find the padding very soft in the fight gloves. If they could have used the padding of the Hybrid 200 Lace Up with this design, they would be perfect (guessing). As with the Hybrid 200 Lace, I don’t see many of these around. Again when it come to the price, people would choose the Rival RS1 as they come with a better fit and padding. (Click here for the Rival review)

They are a good glove but not for that price. If you can get them on sale, then get a set as I haven’t heard anyone complain about them. Keep an eye on Amazon for a Black Friday sale:

  • New Fight Gloves made in the US. Hopefully I get a set soon and I can review them here…

Last on the list are the AIBA competition gloves.

Adidas Boxing Gloves Review - AIBA

The AIBA Licensed Boxing Gloves come in red and blue, in 10oz and 12oz. They go for €139.99 in Ireland and £114.99 in the UK (at the current exchange rate, add bank charge for buying in sterling, more or less the same price).

From their webiste “Cowhide leather, High compression IMF foam padding, Upgraded in accordance with AIBA regulations, 10oz & 12oz, Official glove of the Amateur Boxing Association of England, AIBA, IABA and ABA approved”.

As with the Pro Lace Up gloves, most of that fee goes to the AIBA for the licensing. It’s a good glove for amateurs, but not worth the money. Unfortunately if you’re looking to compete in amateur boxing, you can only use AIBA approved gloves and head guard (head guard now optional).

As mentioned earlier, I’m not a fan of the gloves. I’d break my hands if I was to fight in these gloves. They do not suit my hands at all! Amazon link below:

Final thoughts on Adidas: I wouldn’t spend money on any of their gloves. Nothing to do with their quality, they just don’t suit my hands.

  • If you’re a beginer starting boxercise or some fitness class, their butget gloves would do. They also suit kids.
  • Amateur boxers and kickboxers could go for their leather range since they would be used to the AIBA or WAKO style of gloves. If you’ve bad knuckles, you will have to look at a different brand.
  • Professional guys… I would recommend looking at a different brand for training. Not enough padding for your knuckles in Velcro or Lace Up. In terms of fighting, their 8oz and 10oz gloves are not bad for a bout. A number of my friends have faught in them. Victor Rabei was given a set of Red 8oz by the promoter at one of his fights. A few weeks later he went out and purchased a set so he can train in… I’ve never had a fight in these gloves, but, I’ve a number of fights coming up for the next few months in Professional Kickboxing and I might try a set and update this post.

There are a lot more gloves from Adidas but they come in between what I reviewed above. From 8oz kids to big 18oz gloves they cone in a stupid amount of colours, but they are more or less the same glove. Search on Amazon if you are looking for alternative colours to the above as they have a lot of options.

Unlike most of the reviews you see online from guys reviewing a photo they took from the Adidas website, all the gloves mentioned above have been on my hands and the photos are taken with my phone.

The links to Amazon and FSi are so you can check out the alternative colours and prices. As I’m part of their Afiliate scheme, I will earn a small commision if you purchase anything from the links. I have not been asked to review any of the produtcs and I wasn’t offered anything.

Let me know your thaughts below. If there is a specific glove you want me to review, comment below and I’ll do my best to get my hands on them.