My Weight Cut

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As you all know I’ve fractured two toes back in April. I’ve been on crutches for almost two weeks.

Note: this post will be updated every few days until fight day.

  • In the first week of May…

I went back training. I was boxing only as I could not kick or put much weight on my foot. I was 71.4kgs when I started the training again. Very slow week.

  • Second week of May…

I started moving more and lightly kicking the pads. In the morning I would have a coffee with MCT oil and that would keep me going till about 1pm. For lunch I was having a salad and at night I would have a small dinner.

  • Third week of May…

was more or less the same. Got a few more training sessions in. Weight was 70.2kgs.

  • Week starting the 21st of May…

I did f*ck all as I was away in London for Bellator. I had a lot of bad food and alcohol. Great week but terrible diet.

  • Monday the 28th of May…

I was back in the gym. Weight was more or less the same at 70.4kgs. I trained most of the week. I was matched on the Wednesday against a lad from Champion Martial Arts at 64kgs. The original opponent didn’t take the fight.

The way it worked out, on the Saturday I was in Champion Martial Arts sparring the guys but my opponent wasn’t there.

We scheduled to go back the following Saturday for another session.

  • Week starting the 4th of June…

training more and more while eating less and less.

On Wednesday I had a sparring session at 1pm. My right foot was a bit sore but nothing major. I woke up on Thursday morning with my right foot swollen and bruised. I f*cked up two toes on my other foot! Cutting Weight - Swolen Toes/Foot

No training on Thursday.

Boxing only on Friday.

I also got a text from the coach in Champion asking to cancel the sparring session as they were all away in Bray. Suited me as I couldn’t spar anyway.

Saturday morning I did a boxing session.

  • Sunday the 10th of June…

I had my kids Christening. I’ve fasted until about 2pm. But then, wine came in to play… lots and lots of white wine.

It was followed by dry meats, humus, steak, vegetables and more wine.

I even tried the Red Velvet cake!

More wine.

We left the venue (Il Vicoletto) and went home where we had beer for the night… (Note, the promoter seen me and asked if I want to pull out from the fight as I was limping. I told him I’ll be fine.)

Monday 11th of June…

I started the week at 68.6kgs.

Not good!

I’ve fasted during the day, having only a coffee in the morning. The only food I had was my dinner which was pretty light. Salmon, broccoli, rice…

I only did a boxing session as the foot was still bad.

  • Tuesday 12th of June…

I couldn’t train due to work. In the afternoon my toes were bad so I never trained.

I’ve still been fasting. The only meal I had was at 8pm.

I took a quick spin to Tesco and got 4 tubs of Halo ice cream.

I ate a full tub of Mint Halo ice cream.

  • Wednesday 13th of June…

I’ve fasted all day.

I trained from 6pm to 8pm.

My first day kicking with my right foot. Light kicks, nothing major. The toes still hurt like hell!

My only meal was at 9pm when I got home. Haddock with asparagus.

I had half a tub of Mint Halo ice cream.

The body is getting sore.

  • Thursday 14th of June…

I had one of the lads down during the day for some light pad work. Boxing only.

I fasted all day.

For dinner, I had Sushi (salmon and tuna) at about 8pm.

I also had the other half of the Halo tub.

  • Friday 15th of June…


Weight Cut - Scales

I fasted all day.

I trained at 6pm and then sparred from 7:30pm to 9pm.

Before I went home I sat on the scales, 66.1kgs. No bad!

I had Sushi (salmon and tune) at 9pm for dinner.

No Halo ice cream 😦

  • Saturday 16th of June….

I went down for training but, I didn’t get to train in the end.

At lunch we went to the Taste Food Festival. I tried some salty Thai food and some chicken Indian food. I also had a cocktail and that was about it.

For dinner we went to NEON for some Thai food.

When I got home I had a tub of Mint Halo ice cream. (Hopefully someone from Halo reads this and sends me a year supply as sponsorship haha)

Sunday 17th of June…

I felt like shit getting down to the gym. Everything was hurting. I trained at 10am.

For lunch I was taken to San Lorenzo’s Italian as it was Father’s day. I had a steak with some beans and vegetables. I also ordered two Whiskey Sour cocktails and a coffee.

I was getting irritated. My body was worse than it was in the morning. Left elbow was locking, left wrist was killing me, the middle knuckle on my left hand was in bits, two knuckles on my right hand in bits, the back of my neck felt like something was out of place, right foot still not back to normal, anyway…

At about 5pm I went for a run. I ran 6km in 22min.

It was weird as I didn’t remember the first 3km. I just looked at my phone and 3km were done.

When I got home I had a bath with a shit load of Magnesium Sulfate. I was hoping I would feel better in the morning.

At about 8pm I had a avocado, wild tuna and rice crackers.

  • Monday 18th of June…

The same pains as yesterday, plus my legs. Because my right foot is not healed, I was running on my right heel on Sunday. That must have done something to my legs.

On the bright side, I sat on the scales at lunch time at 65.5kg. I was expecting a lot more!

I fasted all day but I drank around 1L of water.

At 8pm I went training. Everything was so f*cking sore. Knuckles, wrists, ankles, toes, neck… all in pain. Bone pains that I haven’t had before. I’m trying to figure out if it’s the diet or the training that it’s causing all the pain.

Before I went home I checked my weight, 65.3kg.

For dinner at 9pm I had some salmon, broccoli and avocado.

Half a tub of Halo Chocolate ice cream for desert.

  • Tuesday 19th of June…

I woke up in bits! Pain everywhere…

I had an Americano in the morning and fasted for the day.

At about 5:30pm I had a double espresso and went to hot yoga. Holy shit, some experience! My heart was about to explode. I also couldn’t do half the class as my legs kept cramping, badly. My head was all over the place. It felt like I was stoned.

On the bright side, at 7:30pm I sat on the scales… 64.7kg.

At about 9pm I had salmon Sushi for dinner with half an avocado. I also finished the other half of Halo Chocolate ice cream.

PS: I was so hormonal all day! I was getting irritated by the stupidest shit. In yoga I was close to snapping at the instructor. Can’t wait for FRIDAY!

  • Wednesday 20th of June…

The fasting continued. Americano with MCT oil in the morning.

I was going to train but my coach was out for the day so I decided to go for a run. Ten minutes in I got the craziest pain in the right side of my stomach. Usually if I run after I eat I get a stitch but I haven’t ate all day. I’m assuming it’s the lack of water in my body… Anyway, I stopped running.

At 8pm I had Sushi for dinner, as always salmon and tuna. After I had some Cashew Butter with crackers.

Sitting on the scales at 64.8kg.

  • Thursday 21st of June…

As yesterday morning, I had an Americano with MCT oil. I did a training session at 10am. Felt good. Sharp. But the body was still in pain. Lack of water, protein, or who knows at this stage…

Before leaving work at 5pm, I sat on the scales… 64.6kg.

I was talking to my opponents coach and the lad had still 2.5kg to drop.

At 9pm I had Dominoes haha

  • Friday 22nd of June…

I went to work at 10am. Sat on the scales at 64.3kg. I’m not sure what happened to the Dominoes but I was lighter than I thought I would be.

By the time I got to meet my opponent I weight in at 63.9kg. Due to the hot weather I must have sweated a bit otherwise I can’t explain how I was even lower.

My opponent weighed in at 63.6kg, even lighter than me. He looked extremely dehydrated, weak. He said he did a salt bath to drop the last few kgs. This means he will put back all the water and probably walk around 68-70kg tomorrow on fight day.

After I left the weigh in, I had a latte with MCT oil and a peanut-butter brownie. I was full! My stomach got used to fasting and a small amount of food.

An hour later I had a protein bar with another latte.

Later on I had a small bottle of coconut water.

I also had a bottle of water with some Himalayan salt.

I left work at 5pm and went for food. I could only eat half my cajun chicken…

At about 6:30pm I sat on the scales… 65.2kg. Guess that’s what I’m gonna fight tomorrow at.

Anyway, I’m actually look forward to the fight. I matched my gloves to my shorts. It’s like my first day of school haha

I had a really good camp and I know I’m better than my opponent. I’m much stronger and much more technical than he is. The only way he wins this fight is if I zigged when I should have zagged… he can only win by luck.

With that being said, the knuckles on both hands are still swollen and hurt when I try and punch. My left wrist I still can’t twist properly, the tendonitis is getting worse…I think. The toes on my right foot are just as bad. I kicked one of the wheels on my kids boogie earlier in the day while walking and wanted to scream. I got mad at my Adidas runners for not offering enough protection for my toes haha

I ended the night with a full tub of Mint Halo ice cream.

  • Saturday 23rd of June…

Fight day!

My kid woke up at 6am! Went downstairs and played with him for an hour followed by breakfast and out the door. Left home at 8am to go corner the kids at the Junior Takeover. At around 3pm we left the venue so I could go home and have a nap.

As always, sh*t doesn’t go to plan. The baby refused to sleep meaning I got no sleep. We went for a walk. By the time we got back, fed him, gave him a bath, etc, it was 6pm!

We arrived at the venue at about 6:45pm. I was planning on sleeping in the car for half hour but that never happened. By the time I got my hands wrapped and got changed it was almost time to walk to the ring.

I lost the fight by Unanimous Decision. He kept keeping my legs and my hands, nothing else was landing. After the fight I realized he was trying to score points while I was trying to knock him out. I held back too much. Because it was 5 rounds, I was trying to take my time so I wouln’t gas out in the later rounds but by that time it was too late. I kneed him in the head and the looked at him while he was going backwards when I should have fallowed him to finish the job. This happened a number of times during the fight and I’ve no idea why. I still think I was holding back for the later rounds or not getting enough sleep and being tired, but, who knows?

Anyway, there was no damage done to me. I was up at 7am on Sunday on my way to Belfast for Clan Wars. I got home at 10pm and I was back in work Monday morning with my first training session that evening.

On to the next one… Sept 22nd.