Ryanair: Dublin to Gatwick

Ryanair: Dublin to Gatwick

EVERY single time I fly with Ryanair there’s an issue.

Before someone points out that I can fly with another airline, that’s a valid point but, sometimes there’s no choice. For example, for this flight to Gatwick the only day and time that suited was with Ryanair. Even though Aerlingus was the first choice.

Paid for extra bags, paid for priority, paid for seats, got to the airport 3 hours early, etc. I made sure that there was no f*cking about.

We get on the plane. Everyone is seated. Doors close. Plane takes off… well no. The plane goes for a drive… it stops. Drives a bit more. Stops. Drives. This goes on for about half hour.

We then get told we have to go back. I quote “there is a problem with the cabin pressure. It’s not a big deal as we normally would fly but it’s raining in Gatwick and it’s an issue”

Em… so the rain is the issue, not the low cabin pressure? And if you normally fly with the issue, what happens if it starts raining before you land? Shouldn’t that be an issue anyway?

We drive back to the gate. My girlfriend asks one of the guys how long this will take and his reply “I know as much as you do. Normally they fix it and we leave. Sometimes takes a minute but can take up to 30 minutes”. Well, looks like you know more than we do. He tells us he will update us as soon as he knows and then f*cks off. Half hour later we are told we will be moved to a new plane as it can’t be fixed at the time.

We get on the second plane.

My kid is starting to loose his shit at this stage.

We wait another twenty minutes or so and we finally take off.  A few minutes pass and the cabin crew start walking down with food.

I don’t think I’ve ever seen staff so incompetent on a flight, ever!

Male flight attendant hands a frozen lasagna to a female fling attendant and I shit you not, she says “do I heat it up or just hand it to the customer?” haha you can’t make this shit up.

The guy looks at her with an extremely disgusted face and say “you clearly have to heat it up!” at which she walks away.

I asked him for a coffee and a sparkling water. He tells one of the girls to take for the order and walks away. The girl picks up the terminal and asks for my card. I tell her I don’t wanna pay with a card as I have cash. She then gets confused and charges me for the coffee but not for the water and walks away. The guy comes back and asks if I got the water at which I say no. He goes to the girl and gives out and then brings me the water. He walks away and the comes back.

“Did you pay for the water?” haha

“Shouldn’t you tell me if I paid for it or not?”

Goes and checks his terminal for the receipts. Comes back and says I wasn’t charged and I’m due 3.00 for the water.

He f*cks off and I pick up my coffee. Holy f*cking shit! This was probably the worst coffee I ever had!

Lavazza! Oh you horrible bastard. Not sure who you paid to get this ‘label’ as “Italy’s favourite coffee”. Really? Favourite? I can’t even describe how terrible this coffee was.

I’ve also noticed the staff was arguing with each other during the flight.

They had to call over the intercom asking who didn’t get their food as they had 3 extra meals in the oven…

Anyway, we landed in Dublin.

Until next time Ryanair!